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Popular applications DiskImage
The big brother of cd2iso

A cd to iso converter

Cam2Web A webcam http server

Tools 2-way Terrain to image file conversion
What is my IP - Find out your remote ip.

Sourceforge projects Visual Synapse (Stable, Active)
LibSQL (Stable, Active)
Duki (Aplpha, Active)
EEMailer (Beta, Inactive)
GPU (Beta, Active)
Open source object pascal libraries LibSQL - Delphi/Kylix/Freepascal components for various databases.
Visual Synapse - Client and server components using synapse tcp/ip libraries.

Documentation Synapse documentation

Dvorak keyboard Dvorak - How to mod your own Dvorak keyboard and a Dvorak International Keyboard Driver.

Art or not to be My cache - A collage of images found in my browser cache.
StoneOven - Some raw material we played with the band, not to be considered as finished songs (you be warned)
Mettler H72 manual

Other software DSP - Digital Signal Processing (Frozen)
YATT - Yet another terrain tool (Alpha)
DuSFX - Create self-extracting archives (Frozen)
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